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LINLAX BPO is a premium 'business process outsourcing services provider' .We offers end-to-end solutions focusing on Telecom, BFSI, Utility and Entertainment industry verticals. Clients prefer it for both quality and cost advantages. The company has been consistently delivering quality services to its clients, thereby generating unmatched business value to its customers through its centers of excellence.

  • Document Conversion
  • File Conversion
  • PDF Conversion
  • HTML Conversion
  • XML Conversion
  • Word Conversion
  • OCR Conversion
  • Image To Word Conversion.
  • Online Data Entry.
  • Offline Data Entry.
  • Survey Data Entry.
  • Image Data Entry.
  • Insurance Claim Data Entry.
  • PDF Data Entry
  • XML Data Entry
  • Excel Data Entry.
  • MS Access Data Entry.
  • Handwritten Data Entry.
  • Cart Data Entry.
  • E-publishing through data entry.

Data Entry Solutions

Cost effective. High Turn Around Time. Quality & Efficient Results. 100% Satisfication Guarantee

Data Entry

Save more than 50% of costs having your data entry work off-shored.

Capture data economically and increase your profits!

Data Processing

Insurance, Real Estate, Catalog and Survey form-filling solutions at 150% efficiency!

Transaction processing solutions that work 100% remotely!

Online Data Entry Services

Highly experienced online data entry team will work remotely through high-security VPN facility.

Offline Data Entry Services

Efficient data operator team can handle any format including PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, etc.

Image Data Entry Services

We optimize your images with accurate image capturing, sorting, keying, and tagging services.

E-Book Data Entry

Create quality eBooks with our scanning, OCR, proofreading, and text formatting services.

Data Capture

Intelligent character recognition for all your coupons, vouchers, forms, photos, and records.

Data Extraction

Extract specific structured data from database or web sources with our OCR-enabled solutions.

Database Development And Migration

Develop or migrate data with our customized database design, installation, and maintenance.

Data Enrichment

Our data experts to help you remove duplication & erroneous records to improve your data quality.


Cost-effective transfer of data from one source to another to help you focus on your core business.

Document Management

Document management solutions to validate, cleanse, index, and archive.

Directory Services

Directory services to list your products, services, and company on number of business directories.

Document Data Entry

Professional quality documentation with consistent formatting in applications.


LinLax can handle any ePub formats including Nook, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or MobiPocket. We've delivered quality ePub conversion services to top universities and libraries.

Insurance Claims Form Processing

Our service is geared to provide several benefits to insurance companies such as reduced cost of operations, and improved accuracy of claims settlements.


With skill sets that span multiple industries and expertise with all types of assignments, we can perform data entry in any environment. Whether we use your system or work together to build something custom for you, we deliver a back office data entry outsourcing solution for your specific business needs.


No matter how we receive the information or what format it may be in, we can accept it and process it. Hard copies, electronic versions, secure FTP sites; we can handle it without a problem. We'll even manage whole operations such as scan the material, index the images then upload them into the workflow system for further processing.


Our clients depend on our deep domain expertise and the quality of our work, so we consistently deliver results for our back office data entry outsourcing solution. We meet or exceed every key performance indicator regardless of how stringent they are defined.

Data Mining

We understand the impact of data-driven decisions. Outsource data mining to DEO, who understands your data analysis and analytics requirements.
eCommerce / Online Stores Product Data Entry
LinLax InFoTech well-trained data management team can handle your entire eCommerce product data management cycle and help you to focus on core functions.

Data Conversion

PDF to Word to HTML to JPG & TIFF and more. Wide options for document conversion.

Easy contracts, quality-controlled processes and on-time deliveries ensure your business continuity.

It doesn't matter what industry you're in or what types of records you deal with, every business in today's information age has a data-entry function. The key is to do it efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively. At LinLax InFoTech, we have nearly 10 years of experience helping our clients do just that.