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Data Processing Data Processing

Data processing loosely to describe data entry and capture, it is actually an entire process of capturing raw data, computer or electronic data processing, conversion & analysis, and presenting them in a visual, tabular or textual format as useful information.

Linlax Offers Data Processing Services

Technology will pursue to grow, accelerate and change the way businesses operate. However, paper work is still essential and the processing becomes highly complex. Efficient data processing and transformation is essential for easy storage and retrieval for downstream processes

Linlax can handle large volumes of data processing work without compromising on quality. We work with many input formats including, printed material, photo scans, excel tables or other MS office formats.

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  • Forms Processing Services,Transaction Processing Services
  • Invoice Processing, Order Processing Services
  • Insurance Claim Processing Services
  • Image Processing Services,Market Research
  • Forms Processing,Mailing List Compilation
  • Services,Data Duplication Services
  • Survey Processing Services, Image Processing Services
  • Payroll Processing, Credit Card Processing Services
  • Check Processing

Efficient data processing

We judiciously use double entry data entry for error free data input or use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technologies, to scan the hard copies of your documents and convert them into editable formats. We process your data based on project requirement to transform it into useful information that helps decision making..