Exam Management

Creation,Conduction,Evaluation of Examination.

Survey Management

Survey fetch desired information from its respondents

Polls Management

Polls Record Opinion from the attendants.

Quiz Management

Quiz is a form of mind game which kindles the competitiveness in a person.

What we do

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Awesome Features

Department Management

It has the list of various available departments in the database.

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Subject Management

Existing subjects can be managed.

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Add Subject

New Subjects can be added

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Chapter Management

The chapters inside the subjects can be added,managed and utilised.

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Question Management

The various available questions available can be effectively managed and new questions can be added.

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Download Question

Questions can be downloaded and can be added into the databases.

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Preview Question

The available questions can be previewed.

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BluePrint Setup

The Question Paper blueprint can be created.

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Report Management

The various reports can be generated by filtering the available datas and can be managed.

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Report view

Reports can be viewed graphically and through tabular representations.

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Profile Management

Various Profiles Available within the databases can be viewed and managed here.

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Various Features in the software can be selected at the time of purchase and software is setup accordingly.

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Student Management

The Students in the database is displayed the addition deletion of various data inside can be done here.

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Add Student

New Students can be added here.

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Preview Student

Exhaustive list of all students are availalble here.

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Exam Settings

The Online and offline exams can be conducted and managed here.

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Profile Management

This manages the Profiles Created in the Databases for various colleges, institutions, company etc. They create different profiles under which full details of the various working place can be saved.

Initial Setup

After the Profile Management Initial Setup has the input fields to further define the details of the particular institutions.

Member Management

The Member management has a dashboard which displays the already available members in the database. The Member Management Page helps in Editing, Entering and Updation of the database

Reports Generation

Since the Conclusion of the examination and after the evaluation of the answer sheets the reports can be generated by this page.

Exam Allocation

This Manages the various Exam that are held in the same campus.Exam allocation is a dashboard which shows how many exams are going to happen in the particular date.


The Dashboard has the details about the available survey formats and all the general details necessary for conducting the quiz.

Category Management

The Category Management displays various categories of survey available in the software. The Category has various survey formats which one can choose to structure the questions.

Quiz Management

Various quizzes which are completed, on going, and forthcoming can be managed here. The quiz list is available. Which has the Start and complete date.

Survey Management

Various Survey which are completed, on going, and forthcoming can be managed here. The Survey list is available. Which has the Start and complete date.

Specialization of QBS

The Question bank software has specialised itself in the exam management,survey creation,quiz making.The question bank software has placed itself in the broad contours of educational and business institutions.

Database References

The Question Bank is created as a database that can be used as the reference

Performance Enhancement

The Question banks improves the performance of the students in the examinations

Business Surveys

In Business Institutions external and internal surveys can be took and the business institutions can be assessed.

Examination Evaluation

The Examination secrecy can be maintained.Evaluation Process can be done in a less amount of time.

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