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We are committed to continuously delivering excellence by improving performance, functionality and cost- effectiveness of our service. By combining our strengths, We'll further empower Linlax clients to achieve high-impacts business outcomes through advanced analytics and business intelligence.

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Linlax Develop the World's most useful business productivity products. We offer reliable IT partner providing more innovative products, generating value with custom solutions, architecting mobile application platforms while ensuring delivery of the highest quality.

1. School automation Software

Managing a school is a vigorous task; one that involves performing numerous activities to fulfill the needs of each department. School Automation Software is a web application tool that controls and centralizes the activity and operations of the entire school. SAS helps administrator to manage and monitor the daily operations as well as the needs and wants of every department, including finance, human resource, and accounting.

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2. Business Websites

LINLAX brings planning, execution, dashboard and people management into one seamless system for better business performance. We provide most creative web design for your company using the latest technologies to bring your business move forward. We cater for any business large or small. Our strength is to create reliable websites that are light, dynamic, mobile responsive, modern, customized and SEO friendly.

3. Question Bank Software

To succeed in the everyday task of Institutes, there is a rising demand to modernize education with digital technologies to improve the quality of the institution. Question bank automation software makes creating, managing questions and exam quick & easy. QBS is to enhance the quality, reduce the time, and to customize the resources involved in the question paper preparation task. It provides excellent features of customizable question database for an exam question, it is flexible, reliable and more secure.

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4. Online Test India

All the institutes are working hard for the people, who aspire to score high marks in general Competitive Exams as well as Entrance Exams. A Web-Based Online Test India Software is one of the best modes to track the students' capabilities and test them. We provide intensive tools to administer, create, monitor and grade exams on-line. It helps to minimize the Institute's workload, saves time and improve your institutional growth. OTI gives greater flexibility, ease-of-use, and a much wider audience for all Institutions/Coaching Centers.

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5. Library management System

In every library, librarian to keep records of available books, as well as issued books and records of the whole transaction of the book in the library, is a risky task. A well-known computerized Library Management System to perform some of the traditional library activities such as acquisition, cataloging, circulation, stock verification etc., A Powerful LMS will enhance the performance of the library at low cost. LMS provides support for the librarian to manage library resources in an adequate way and saves time and effort.

6. QB365 Software

The Examination process is an important activity for educational institutions. Question paper preparation, which covers the syllabus, problems, and pattern of the exams is the toughest job. QB365 is one of the leading online automated question paper generation software, it covers a syllabus of TNSB Schools, Matriculation Schools, and CBSE Schools. It will reduce the teacher workload and consumes the time of the teachers/instructors. QB365 provides more than 2,00,000 questions with solutions, previous year question banks, book back questions etc.,

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7. CBSE-QB365

CBSE is one of the most favored boards in India. It follows the national core curriculum alongside added subject material. QB365-CBSE covers the syllabus of the NCRT and CBSE curriculum. More than 1,00,000 questions are updated in our portal, which covers the entire syllabus of CBSE board and other areas, which is related to the subject. The question banks are prepared by the well-qualified experts and the experienced faculty members.

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8. Indian Products Store

Indian Product Store is India's leading online marketplace of personal care products offering standard and branded care products. IPS featuring 100000 SKU's from more than 5000 leading brands offering body care, skin care, face care, hair care, baby care, health care and perfumes and offers FREE shipping on most of the products with shipping to US & worldwide. We provide your order is guaranteed fresh with fast delivery.

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9. Indian Magazines Store

Magazines are a great source of knowledge, information, and entertainment. Indian Magazine Store provides a quick and convenient way to catch up the magazines in categories like Art, Beauty, Business, Culture, Education, Fashion, Graphics, Lifestyle, Mobile, News, Photography, Science & Technology, Spiritual, Wildlife and more. IMS offering the finest collection of Tamil Magazines along with magazines in other languages like Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Telugu, and English, it offers FREE shipping to US & worldwide.

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BPO Services

1. Data Entry & Conversion

Timely and accurate offshore Data Entry Services & data capture solutions to the variety of industries and companies. It includes data conversion, data capture, data manipulation and initial data input services, online and offline data entry, image data entry and more.

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2. Data processing

LINLAX provides comprehensive data processing services at cost-effective rates. Our domain expertise in managing data extraction, data capture, and Data Entry projects with guaranteed accuracy and fast turnaround time, meets all your business requirements.

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3. Form Filling

LINLAX is one of the ISO 9001:2008 certified company offering Forms & Check Processing services in worldwide. We provide forms processing in vertical industry requirements for insurance providers and carriers, Sales professionals, financial services and many other industry.

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4. XML Conversion

As XML is the most preferred cross –platform web publishing format used in business. LINLAX provide XML data conversion service, data is changed into XML making it highly reusable and more efficient. It includes PDF to XML, MS-Office to XML, HTML to XML etc.,

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5. HTML Conversion

LINLAX always work with the latest version of HTML and CSS to make your products or website keep up to date that is supported by all browsers and devices. HTML conversion Services provided by us offers the convenience to convert your data with high accuracy into HTML.

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6. Type Setting

Typesetting requires the prior process of designing a font and storing it in the same manner. LINLAX offers a customer's complete Typesetting Service. Qualified translators and typesetting professionals work as a team to ascertain that minor details are not overlooked.

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Software development

We offers customized software solutions on different scales because our teams know how to exploit the powers of different technologies and integrate them seamlessly.

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Our team will study your complete organizational operations to offer you top-quality, efficient web development which evolves with your company's requirements.

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Ecom development

Our E-commerce solution provides a great shopping experience that enhances the business of the clients, Our multifaceted resources shall design the best e-commerce.

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Online Exams

Online Exams empower users with a valuable platform to apply knowledge and help them to increase their productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

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