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Interactive and Enhanced eBooks to Enrich Reading Experience

We are the leading interactive eBook services helping publishers to create enhanced digital books with our advanced tools. We supports academic institutions, authors, publishers, libraries, archives and enterprises in creating digital interactive eBooks that engage readers and enhance their overall reading experience.

These enhanced eBooks are created using the latest standards and technologies, such as ePUB3, HTML5, CSS3 and native frameworks of iOS and Android. Our experts create interactive, engaging and visually-attractive eBooks that are compatible with all the major devices such as Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Google, Sony e-Reader, Kobo, and Apple iPhone, iPad & iTouch.


With the integration of technologies, like HTML5, a publisher can insert multimedia content, like image, audio, video ensuring better engagement with the content. Newer technologies, like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, can give a realistic and immersive experience to readers by stimulating their imagination.


Interactive and Illustrated, Multimedia eBooks to Enhance the Overall Learning and Reading Experience

With a full range of rich content and features, multimedia eBooks connect with customers by sharing information, insights, and answers in compelling and engaging ways. We organize information carefully, keeping the reader’s perspective and prior knowledge in mind. We can proficiently design interactive teaching and e-Learning content and assessments, viz.:

  • True or False
  • Ranking & Sequencing
  • Alternate Choice
  • Categorizing
  • Matching
  • Media Distractors
  • Matching
  • Media Distractors
  • Single Numerical Design
  • Multiple Answers
  • Matrix Completion
  • Yes/No with Explanation
  • Fill-in the blank
  • Video Demonstration
  • Matrix Completion
  • Yes/No with Explanation
  • Fill-in the blank
  • Video Demonstration

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