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Data entry operation is more essential for all businesses, but it can consumes a lot of time from your business. Outsourcing data entry can solve these issues and save your time to focus on your business growth. Linlax is the right place to get this done with high quality, cost effective, time bounded data entry services. We have over 6 years of experience in data entry services and keeping the quality in highest level. We provides a wide range of data processing solutions.



Applications Data Entry

We provide high end solution for the application data entry services in order to magnify the efficiency of client operations.

Captcha Entry

We provide you Captcha Entry service which helps to secures your database and search engines to prevent spam contents.

Cart Data Entry Services

We help you to manage your shopping cart data by keeping the store up-to-date and give your customers a great experience.

Catalog Data Entry Services

We ensure that every catalog data is often updated , so customers can view exact product, service and pricing information.

Copy Paste Outsourcing

We understand the client needs and provide appropriate copy paste services with speed and accuracy.

Coupon Redemptions Data Entry

We will help you out in the encoding of customer information and purchase details as part of the coupon redemption.

Data cleansing outsourcing

We provide end to end solution for data enrichment and improves the efficiency of customer acquisition activities.

Data conversion outsourcing

We provide huge range of file format conversions and data digitization services with quality and cost-effective.

Data Entry for Restaurant

We gave solutions for all your restaurant management needs by providing services such as restaurant menu digitization, etc,.

Data Entry from Dictionaries

We ensure to digitize your dictionaries and manuals so that they are consistent with online applications and databases.

Data Entry of Company Reports

With our skilled professionals we provide company reports such as director's report, accounting policies, annual balance sheets etc,.

Data Entry Services

We are the forerunner in quality data entry services, where you can get accurate data with a great turnaround and cost effective.

Data Mining Services

We analyze and converting data into a purposeful structure of information that helps in increasing revenue & cost cutting.

Data processing outsourcing

We collect, convert and digitize the raw data into any required source with quick turnaround time and perfect quality.

eBook Data Entry Services

We can convert & provide eBook from PDF or any other straight text format to widely used ebook formats.

Excel Data Entry

We convert data from input file formats such as web pages , PDF files and other sources to excel files with high accuracy.

File conversion outsourcing

With our File Conversion services, you can get text, image, audio, video, HTML and other formats into alternate formats.

Foreign Language Data Entry

With our trans-lingual expertise , we can help you with the accurately processing multilingual data for all global languages.

Forms processing

We process forms for all organization and business right from Banks and Financial Institutions, Hospitals, etc,.

Handwritten Entry

We provide high quality handwritten data entry services to convert paper documents into electronic form in short time.

Image Data Entry

We optimize and provide you the scanned images to a particular format of your choice with our image data entry experts.

Image Tagging Data Entry Services

We provide key tags for every image for better understanding and change the existing image formats with high accuracy.

Insurance Claim Data Entry

We quickly verify claims and can accurately extract data from hard copy insurance claim forms and convert it into any format.

Legal Document Data Entry

We understands the important legal terminologies & proceedings and provide legal document data entry with high confidential.

Mailing List Compilation

We compile business and customer mailing list in a database from wide variety of sources such as Marketing dictionaries, printing data , etc,.

Medical Billing

With our professionals, We manage the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance companies.

Menu Digitization

We ensure that we digitize and converse and formatting menu with uniqueness, high quality and accuracy.

Microsoft Excel Outsourcing

We provide the Microsoft excel services such as data entry management, data analysis and processing etc,.

MS Access Data Entry

We optimize and standardize the MS access database and provide mail merging, customized database entry and report generation.

Offline Data Entry

We provide all kind of offline data entry services in order to enrich the database for the business efficiency.

Online Data Entry

We provide online data entry services includes data entry marketing , online image data entry etc., with high level of accuracy.

Patient Records Data Entry

We perfectly organize and digitize the information of billing, patients, reimbursement data, appointments, claims etc,.

PDF Conversion Outsourcing

We can convert GIF, Microfiche, Microfilm, SGML, Postscript, etc,. into PDF. We also convert paper-based documents into PDF.

Product Data Entry

We are experts in product data entry for the major online sites with information security and high accuracy.

Surveys Data Entry

We provide survey data entry and process paper based surveys as well as web based surveys to enhance the business.

Word Formatting Outsourcing

We format the word document properly optimizing setting margin, unwanted spaces, styling heading, etc,.

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