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All the institutes are working hard for the students, who Aspire to Score High Marks in General Competitive Exams as well as Entrance Exams. We provide intensive tools to administer, create, monitor and grade exams on-line.

LINLAX provides online application software to conduct exams in online and reduces the issues faced by Institutions/Coaching center while conducting exams. Using our Software it is quite easy to conduct exams and assess the student’s performance. It is a very useful tool to find the student’s knowledge in particular subject/chapters and enhance their capability.

Online test India

  • Greater flexibility with respect to location and timing
  • Paperless environment, reduces the cost
  • Improved reliability (system correction is more reliable than human)
  • Track the students performance easy.
  • Enhanced question styles which incorporate interactivity and multimedia.

Online Test India Features

  • Lower long-term costs
  • Unlimited test at no additional cost
  • Thousands of standard - specific questions
  • Create a test in minutes
  • School, Competitive, Recruitment exam tests
  • Available 24/7 - Any Place, Any Time
  • Practice Test On PC, Mobile phone, tablets
  • No software to install
  • Instant results & feedback to students

The team at is a technology based young and energetic team which truly believes in the infinite potential inherent in each students for their real competition in Exams.

As on current situation, lakhs of students suffer every year, as they are not get enough practice test / exams in their regular study schedule , and no real plat form for practicing test online at their convenient time duration , There are certain careers / competitive examination / test which are preferred over the others, as they are deemed to be more lucrative / respected / successful. As a result, many students sit for entrance exams under immense pressure through Coaching Centers / Tuition.

Our online test Packs @ is one of the most best & advanced online test which has been specifically designed keeping in mind the Indian Students Examination , the syllabus based , recruitment and career options available in India.

Once the student member completes the online test, a personalized report is generated which reveals the student's self evaluation , Answer Checking etc.. The report is self explanatory and also suggests three best suited Test / Exams for the students.

Online Test is becoming widely used. It has many advantages over traditional ( paper based ) tests.

Online Test India

  • Secure & Private
  • Easy to define test settings
  • No software installations required
  • Custom certificates & exam branding
  • Give exams with public & private options
  • Results automatically graded & instantly
  • Accurate Calculation
  • Access- anywhere, Any time
  • Works with PCs, iPad, iPhone, Android

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