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Linlax Infotech partners with you to help build your global business. Our Team first understand with your company, business, its products, the multilingual audiences you serve and the exact need. Then we build a modified solution specifically for you. This results in higher quality, shorter turnaround times and lower competitive costs. You can count on us to deliver exactly what you need. Our Team solve any kind of localization problems for our clients around the world with round the clock service with 100% accuracy.

Best Multilingual Desktop

We provide you a best Multilingual Desktop Publishing in Content Localization. We localize documents in all global languages. We use an array of publishing tools and our extensive experienced Multilingual Desktop Publishing team ensure accuracy, in addition, keeps up with linguistic and typography standards required of each language group.


Linlax InFoTech handles the entire localization cycle of a project which includes services such as:

  • Text Extraction (OCR Scanning)
  • Source Recreation
  • Template Creation for new layout
  • End to End multilingual DTP
  • Target Check Fix
  • DTP-QA Check
  • Evaluating and setting up the documentation project
  • Style sheet and template designing
  • Fixing the layout of translated material
  • Image Conversion
  • Converting or generating output of translated material in multiple formats (Manuals, Catalogue, Instruction Guide, Medical Document)

Our Localization team offers round the clock client support, service and production, catering to clients in different time zones around the world with a quick turnaround time (TAT) at competitive price. Our experienced professional ability to work on both Windows and Macintosh platforms which include the following tools






Adobe PageMaker Folder


Adobe Indesign


Microsoft Publisher




Adobe Framemaker


Adobe Flash


Adobe Illustrator


Corel Draw 1


Adobe Photoshop


MS Visio

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